As we all know Polyaluminium chloride - PAC is aluminum alum exists in the form of polymers. Molecular formula [Al2 (OH) nCl6-n] m. Today Viet A Chemicals will guide you how to use and use of Polyaluminium chloride - PAC Polyaluminium chloride - PAC is ...

Polyaluminium chloride - PAC is used most of the following technological processes:

- Filter domestic water and drinking water for households, settle in direct water rivers and canals to create drinking water.

- Water treatment for civil and industrial water supply: surface water treatment, suitable for domestic water supply plants, swimming pools, water supply stations ...

- Waste water treatment plants, oil contaminated water, coal washing water ... Especially, wastewater treatment plants used for treating wastewater containing heavy suspended solids such as industrial wastewater in ceramic industry, brick and dye , Seafood processing factory, livestock slaughterhouse, metallurgy plant, ...

Aquaculture breeders (shrimp breeds, breeds) can also use PAC. - Make up to 10% -20% solution into the source water, stir and settle.

- Surface water treatment: 1-10g / m3 PAC depending on the turbidity of raw water.

Waste water treatment (paper mill, weaving, dyeing ...) from 20-200g / m3 PAC depending on the suspended matter content and the characteristics of wastewater.

- The dose of PAC used for 1m3 of river water, ponds and lakes is 1-4g PAC for low turbid water (50-400 mg / l), 5-6g PAC for medium turbid water (500-700 mg / L) and 7-10g PAC for high turbid water (800-1200 mg / l). The correct dosage is determined by direct test for the water to be treated. After settling in, if used for boiling need to boil or sterilized water according to the dosage of instructions.

-PAC can be used to treat wastewater containing suspended solids such as industrial wastewater in ceramic industry, brick, paper, dyeing, seafood processing factory, animal slaughterhouse, PAC for 1 m3 wastewater In the range of 15-30 grams, depending on the suspended solids content and the nature of each type of waste water. The exact dose to be determined through direct test with the object to be treated.

- Polyaluminium chloride content - The standard PAC is determined practically for each type of treated water.



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